Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures Tell 1000 Words

At least I hope so as I have lots of pictures to share and not much time to explain much :)

At the park around the corner from our house:
IMG_0080.JPG by you.

IMG_0091.JPG by you.
He loves the totter

Labor day weekend, science museum in Baltimore MD. Met up with other mommies with september babies, annual event (well for past 2 years)
08-30-08_1607.jpg by you.
Digging for Fossils

08-30-08_1534.jpg by you.

IMG_2323.JPG by you.
Home from MD wearing our new red hat.

Jellystone Park Pics:
IMG_2241.JPG by you.

IMG_2244.JPG by you.
Jellystone Park with Cayden, a campground/theme family "resort". Zach loved the yellow golf cart.

IMG_2247.JPG by you.
Inside the cabin, He wanted to climb these steep steps the whole time.

IMG_2265.JPG by you.
Future Tiger

IMG_2259-zoom.jpg by you.

IMG_2294.JPG by you.
IMG_2258.JPG by you.

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