Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures Tell 1000 Words

At least I hope so as I have lots of pictures to share and not much time to explain much :)

At the park around the corner from our house:
IMG_0080.JPG by you.

IMG_0091.JPG by you.
He loves the totter

Labor day weekend, science museum in Baltimore MD. Met up with other mommies with september babies, annual event (well for past 2 years)
08-30-08_1607.jpg by you.
Digging for Fossils

08-30-08_1534.jpg by you.

IMG_2323.JPG by you.
Home from MD wearing our new red hat.

Jellystone Park Pics:
IMG_2241.JPG by you.

IMG_2244.JPG by you.
Jellystone Park with Cayden, a campground/theme family "resort". Zach loved the yellow golf cart.

IMG_2247.JPG by you.
Inside the cabin, He wanted to climb these steep steps the whole time.

IMG_2265.JPG by you.
Future Tiger

IMG_2259-zoom.jpg by you.

IMG_2294.JPG by you.
IMG_2258.JPG by you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yellow Firetrucks

So Zachary has decided what he wants for his birthday party. A yellow firetruck. Not red, but yellow. He loves firetrucks and of course his favorite color is yellow. Only wants yellow popsicles, loves sponge bob because he is yellow, buses, etc. He has never even seen a yellow firetruck, hee hee, but he knows he wants one. I'm sure I can probably find one for him, need to google it.

And today we went to a store around the corner and they had some red fireman hats. He got so excited when he noticed them, said firetruck hat, red. Then when he picked them up, he saw a yellow one under them. He about lost it, yellow yellow fire hat. I had already checked out, and it was a little broken, or I would have got it for him. Thought I was going to have to fight him to leave, but he did great and said bye hat as we left. He is so sweet sometimes...

And just because I have to post a pic of him, here we are last weekend going down the slide at our neighboorhood pool. He was a little hesitant at first of the big slide, but as you can see, he definitely got over it!

And on another note, he went pee on the potty again today. His first time to go though in about 3 weeks. Slowly but surely though he is learning.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Word Explosions, Colors, Father's Day, Fourth of July

It had been an embarrassingly long time since I have posted last! (I know I always say that, but this time it really is true!)

Looking at the pictures below, he really has gotten a lot bigger. And he has had a word explosion! He can literally repeat just about anything these days (so we have to be careful) even architechture, hee hee, but he doesn't know what that one means. I am amazed by how much he learns everyday.

When we were on vacation away from Z for 10 days in Europe, Grandmama (my mom, he call her that now) taught him most of his colors, then Randy really got him to learn them by feeding him M&M's! Luckily though he doesn't expect them. But I did give him some when he went to the bathroom on his little potty, so everytime I ask if he needs to go, he says M&M. But he won't go anymore, says no, even with an M&M bribe!

He is also learning a bunch of songs and definitely has his favorites, though they change from day to day. Heaven help me if I sing the wrong song, LOL! He will say no and correct me on what he wants! Current favs are twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus, old mcdonald, ants go marching, itsy bisty spider. And he also walks around the house singing winnie the pooh, winnie the pooh, song from the original pooh, even though he has never seen it, I guess I just sing him that song a lot!

Much more to update on, but for now I will post some pictures.

From April:
Helping Daddy walk Mya

King of the slide!

Before I chopped my hair!

Baby blues!

Pool time:
I love getting wet!

Mom you really should change my diaper!

And popsicles! This was later that night, you can tell how sleepy he is from swimming all day! Cayden is on the left

Moody Gardens, Fathers Day:
Walking with his backpack (leash) at Moody Gardens on father's day

Running around the splash pad at Moody Gardens, he was just running and laughing, this was his favorite.

Fourth of July:

Building sand castles

My favorite pic that Steve took, Z, Maddy and Me. Almost looks posed!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Terrible Two's at the Zoo

Took Zach to Austin with us this weekend for the pecan street fest. He had a lot of fun, most of the time, loved the petting zoo, and the moon walk, but Mom (me) had a little bit of a harder time. Zach will no longer ride in a stroller, without a big fuss, so I brought his monkey backpack/leash thing. Well this weekend he decided he also didn't want to walk on his own, only wanted ME to carry him, all weekend! Very tiring to say the least, hope this is just a phase...

Bad news, my mom said that I started this at 18 months and it lasted until 3 so I still have a lot to look forward too, LOL!

I think we did get some cute pics from this weekend, but I forgot to bring my camera, so will have to post after I get them from my mom.

We took Zach to the zoo a few weeks ago, this is where we discovered he would no longer use the stroller, and we had a long walk from the parking lot, with a screaming child! People were staring at us like "what are they doing to that child"! But at the Zoo he had a lot of fun. His favorite thing to look at was all the monkeys.

Here are some pics from the zoo...

Climbing through a tunnel
Daddy, hurry and bring me lunch!
And the weekend before, when he would only push the stroller, not sit in it!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Blue Eyed Baby!

Just wanted to share this picture of Z from the weekend. We had a BBQ at our house and snapped this cute shot of my blued eyed baby!

Will update more, lots of new pics to share

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter is here, Bring on Spring!

Easter was this past weekend. Zach had a good time, but unfortunately I got sick on Saturday and was down for the count for about 2 days.

Good Friday at Grandma's (Rebecca) House! He now refers to her as ma. And I am mama still, but he shortens Grand-ma I think.

Our Easter "Bunny"... need to fix his eyes still....

Don't make me put these on!

Found the golden egg! My mom thought she hid it really well for the older kids (it had money in it) but he found it before anyone even got there!

Found the chocolate! Note the yorkie drive by in the background! He discovered the candy in two seconds flat and proceeded to put a chocolate egg in his mouth, foil wrapper and all! He wasn't to happy when I took the foil out of his mouth...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy Bees & Terrible Two's

So I have been a bad blogger of late, LOL! And a lot has happened in this past month! Zach, who currently is almost 18 months is diving head first into the terrible two's! A few days ago I told Zach not to throw his books again or he was going to time out. Well the little stinker threw it, looked at me, slid of the couch, and before I could say anything, walked over to his mat and sat down! He was like, what now? I couldn't help but laugh!

Here are some pictures of him from this last month. This is the first time he climbed in to his rocker and then he wanted to read his books to Eeyore! He has also discovered that his room is covered with Winnie the Pooh stuff and runs around the room saying Pooh, Pooh, and pointing to where he sees it. Steve says his school is going to be confused and think his room is covered in poo, LOL!
Reading Books

He is also getting much better at feeding himself using silverware.
feeding 17 months

Zach had a valentines party at school and Me, Steve and Grandma went.
sleeping dc

The family!
the fam

Hmmm! Zachary's first taste of cupcakes! Can't tell if he likes them or not, :)
yummy cupcakes